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Kazeroon agro-industrial Co. has been stablished at 1992 to produce Vegetables water as its very first products. From 1998 it has been decided that the company should be developed as a manufacturer of herbal medicin with high tech process and technology. Then modern distilation systems utilized to provide us with best quality essential oils which are suitable as an ingradient for food and medicin products. Renamed as "EDP: Eadeh Darui e Pars" we have gradually extended our business by investigating in suppliments, emulosions and healthcare products all with natural and herbal origins. This field has been located on a 11000 m2 area lot in where 3000 m2 implements as production sites, supplies ( previsions) and storages. Total amount of investigation is about 1.5 milion USD and it has succeeded to provide job opportunities for 30 professionals and semiprofessionals. We hope to increase this number in to 35 as soon as our new production unit starts to work.

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