Myrtle mouthwash

Myrtle herbal drop is very effective for treating Aphthous stomatitis.

Aphthous is one of the most sore mouth lesions that disrupts everyday activities such as eating and drinking. The exact cause of Aphthous is unknown, but the immune system is effective in creating it. To treat Aphthous, the use of medicinal herbs is much better than chemical drugs.

15 ml Topical Solution
Carton contain dropper and information leaflet


Active compounds:

18 cineole, alpha-pinene, limonene, myrtenyl acetate


canker sore treatment
mouth antiseptic

To get rid of the pain of  aphthous stomatitis you may use it 5-6 times a day: each time pour 10 drops on to a cotton swab and hold it 20 to 30 seconds on the affected area.


To treat lesions such as aphthous stomatitis exact cause is still unknown, the use of medicinal plants is much better than chemical drugs.

Myrtle mouthwash