Hair and Eyebrow Rosemary Lotion

Rosemary has a significant effect on hair loss when it comes to stimulating hair loss, as well as increasing the density and growth of hair and eyebrows.

30 ml Lotion
with dropper in box with leaflet

*(Rosmarinus officinalis)
*(Myrtus communis)
*(Zatria Multiflora)
*(Allium sativum)
*(foeniculum vulgare)
*(Concentrate of Urtica diocia)

1-8 cineole , (eucalyptol),  alpha-pinene ,  camphene , Camphor, beta- Caryophyllene , linalool, limonene,   borneol , bornyl acetate, thymol,  Carvacrol


*hair and eyebrow tonic
*hair loss and eyebrow loss prevention

Acceleration of blood circulation may help dandruff disappear and your hair will grow faster. You will have stronger hair roots and less oily scalp.

Hair and Eyebrow Rosemary Lotion